PAKISTAN # Yasmeen Lari :: the most successful providers of disaster relief shelters in the world

Yasmeen Lari shelter1

“Yasmeen Lari is Pakistan’s first female architect. She has built her wide and stellar career in Pakistan, “an industrially less-developed country, [with] high levels of illiteracy and poverty, booming urban centers, and, more recently, multiple major natural disasters,” creating architectural solutions to its challenges.

Earlier we studied books that the British gave us. Now we’ve written some of our own books. We need to write a lot more of our own books. Because our interpretation will be different. We’ve a lot to do, if we want our architecture to relate to our reality.

Yasmeen Lari

Natural disasters have provided the backdrop to much of her later work.

In areas affected by the 2005 earthquake, Lari came up with a bamboo shelter system which is cheap to build, and has a low-carbon footprint. Built with adobe-and mud walls and strong bamboo cross-bracing, all materials are available locally.

Working with Architecture for Humanity, Nokia and the Swiss Pakistan Society, she has built nearly 2,000 sustainable shelter units, which she hopes will help promote and propagate green design in Pakistan.”

Yasmeen Lari A-Disaster-Risk-Reduction-Centre-being-built-in-a-village-in-Sindh-where-villagers-will-prepare-for-emergencies-like-floods Yasmeen Lari An-illustration-explains-how-water-from-the-flood-flows-away-leaving-the-stilt-structure-intact Yasmeen Lari women-of-influence-yasmeen-lari-karavanroof Yasmeen-Lari-and-Nayeem-Shah-look-on-as-the-roof-for-the-Disaster-Risk-Reduction-centre-is-being-put-up-by-her-team-of-artisans



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