sylvania maquette

In 2009, Aline Rodrigues-Lefort and Vincent Paredes (“l’Atelier Provisoire”) designed a new modular  wooden prefab building system , sponsored by Aquitanis. Today 12 teams of architects are  working on several architectural projects in and out Bordeaux (france), using this building system. 100 projects are currently programmed.

More : info and visuals



Arround 1100 / 1300 euros m/2.

The sylvania concept is similar to a real construction set 1. It is based on a range of functional modules prefabricated in factory, whichauthorize a multitude of  combinations and overviews.
This innovative concept allows to reconcile energy performance, mastery of the costs and the architectural, urban quality and of use for the inhabitant. It was worked out by the young team of architects of Bordeaux (“Temporary Workshop”) in partnership with the Girondist company Egeris which will take care of the manufacture of the various modules.


atelier provisoire 1


sylvania module1

combinaisons sylvania

sylvania 08

sylvania 11

sylvania 12


Immeuble saint benoît


sylvania imm_st_benoit_01 sylvania imm_st_benoit_03


maison la brède


sylvania maison_la_brede_01 sylvania maison_la_brede_02


rue rebière ::


sylvania rue_rebiere_01 sylvania rue_rebiere_08



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