“I have a wish!
I wish there was a communal space for all of us in our building. A space where we could meet and enjoy the company of each other. We became too isolated these days. Enough! It’s time to open up and share our experiences with our fellow neighbors and friends.

The project Lofty Corner envisions a generous space located at the corner of a roof of a typical building in a typical urban setting. This space is to be used by all its tenants and can be easily accessed from the roof level. In its essence, it is a revival of the ancient gargoyles, these peculiar creatures with the power to eradicate bad spirits away from the buildings. Lofty Corner is also in itself an alien space that enhances the life quality of its users.

It is built of 487 equal triangular pieces, forming the shape of a sphere with a radius of 5m/16.5feet. It would be assembled on site and reproduced multiple times across the urban environment” More ::


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