1K HOUSE :: S.B. System = consumer-ready self-build housing system by Jonathan Crisman (US)

Atmospheric Rendering of Tanuki House in an Urban Setting


“S.B. System is a consumer-ready self-build housing system. It is a part of MIT’s 1K House Project, which aims to develop low-cost housing solutions. In this case, it was part of a focused research effort toward developing post-disaster housing for Japan through a prototype for less than ,000. Key themes specific to the S.B. System include modularity in the vein of Metabolism and Structuralism; traditional Japanese housing types, construction, and folklore; sustainable and off-grid construction and maintainance; and incremental deployment.

1:10 Scale Model with Component Prototypes (1 of 2)

The S.B., or “Self-Build,” System is a set of prefabricated, designed components that can be deployed in a site-delievered kit. The components are flat-packed, can be self-built, and do not require a traditional concrete foundation, eliminating the three largest construction consts. Three kits were developed with various modes of Japanese habitation in mind, as the system was developed for post-disaster housing in Japan, though it could be used for any variety of other building uses. A pre-assembled “Roll-off Unit” is the container for all of the delivered pieces and includes all mechanical and electrical systems (such as plumbing, hook-ups, and so forth) thus reducing much of the construction complexity. A simple house can be built with simple tools by two people over the course of a weekend. Costing, manufacturing logistics, and material sourcing were also considered: 4×8′ plywood and small-diameter timber are universally available, cheap, and sustainable, contributing to the mission of the system. Finally, various off-grid systems were considered toward the end of allowing the house to be immediately and easily built in a post-disaster scenario without the need for water or power hook-ups. The S.B. System project is ongoing and looking for manufacturing and business partners.”
more http://jonathancrisman.com/architecture/sb-system/
Team: Chris Miller and Jonathan Crisman
Course: 10K House Studio, MIT
Instructors: Yung Ho Chang and Nick Gelpi

VIDEOS :: http://jonathancrisman.com/architecture/sb-system/

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