1K HOUSE by MIT // ww

A-FRAME HOUSE, Masoud Akbarzadeh

            A-FRAME HOUSE, Masoud Akbarzadeh

“The 1K House is an MIT joint-research initiative started between the Department of Architecture and the Center for Real Estate in 2008. The goal of this research initiative is to harness the intellectual capacity of MIT faculty and students to improve the plight of the world’s poor with respect to their housing needs. The intent of the project was established: how can design work to improve housing condition for the billions of people living in poor rural conditions on less that $1 per day?

The 1K house is aimed at improving the living conditions in these parts of the world where resources are scarce, infrastructure does not exist, and natural disasters often have struck. The highly inadequate living conditions of the poor rural population is a widely prevailing and under addressed issue that could be significantly improved. In other words, we believe design and economic intelligence can help with the solution to the global rural poverty on the housing front.”

The design and research in these proposals is based on three design principles:

  • Affordability: The price cap of $1000 dollars is a rigorous but achievable goal to provide quality housing to a new and emerging market in developing countries around the world. The intent of the price is to allow a large economic group to afford proper housing for the first time.
  • Livability: Implementing innovative and quality design can provide not only affordable housing, but also housing that improves the quality of life for the inhabitants. This includes providing safety, sanitation, and comfort.
  • Sustainability : Without an available infrastructure, 1K House has to harvest energy and treat waste in a self-sustained way. It can be built with a hybrid
    of the traditional, local and recycled building materials and latest industrial products. Increasing awareness of the scarcity of natural resources afforded by our world necessitates thoughtful consideration of sustainable use of both materials and energy. When implemented at a large scale, housing can minimize negative impacts on our environment.”
  • A-FRAME HOUSE, Masoud Akbarzadeh

More :: http://web.mit.edu/1khouse/overview.htm

1K house MIT PINWHEEL HOUSE, Ying Chee Chui










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