ouishare festival paris 2014


“Themed “The Age of Communities”, the second edition of our collaborative economy festival OuiShare Fest awaits you this May with even more collaboration, connecting and fun. We invite you to co-create this 3-day festival with us to build a common vision of the collaborative economy.

You’ve probably noticed by now: sharing economy companies rarely talk about their customers, they talk about their communities. As do coworking spaces, makerspaces and fablabs – even if most fablabs don’t really have “customers” anyway. The free software, maker and open knowledge movements have thrived thanks to the communities that co-created and supported groundbreaking projects such as Linux, Wikipedia or Arduino. What is crowdfunding, if not a tool for empowering people to achieve great projects backed by a community of true fans? And how could grassroots movements such as Foodsharing, MakeSense or OuiShare have taken ground without their community?

But why do we call all of these different phenomena “communities”? And how do these relate to communities we have always been familiar with, such as relatives, tribes, nations and cultural groups? Is there any link between collaborative consumers and people that are members of a community garden? How do these pieces fit together and what is the bigger picture?

1000 collaborative economy visionaries, coming together for three days of conference, co-creating and connecting.

OuiShare Fest 14 will explore The Age of Communities. Connected by shared values, knowledge, resources or by digital and physical spaces, communities are transforming cities, organizations and civic action everywhere in the world.

They are driving movements such as collaborative consumption, open source, makers and fablabs, coworking, crowdfunding, alternative currencies and more. How do these pieces fit together? What is the bigger picture of which these initiatives are part of?

At this year’s OuiShare Fest, entrepreneurs and social innovators, non-profit and company leaders, grassroots activists and public officials will gather in one place to build a common vision of a collaborative society.”

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