PROCESS # MENTORING :: “REBUILDING HOPE IN JAPAN”, Kazuyo Sejima x Rolex mentoring

Kazuyo Sejima rolex japan

Rebuilding hope in Japan

The fishing community in Kesennuma, a small, coastal town in Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture now has a community space to replace the one that was swept away in the 2011 tsunami – thanks to Rolex mentor Kayuzo Sejima and her protégé architect Yang Zhao, from China.

Kesennuma’s Home-for-All, part of an initiative launched by Zhao’s mentor, Kazuyo Sejima, Toyo Ito and three other leading Japanese architects, is one of a number of gathering places being constructed along the stretch of Japan’s eastern coastline to aid communities devastated by the tsunami. Zhao’s eye-catching building, which is both highly contemporary and respects many elements of Japanese tradition, has won the approval not only of the local community, but also of the government.

The new construction, which was the focus of Zhao’s mentoring year with Kazuyo Sejima will be used at times as a fish market, as well as a meeting place for locals to gather informally, and possibly as a performance area for artists.”

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Kazuyo Sejima rolex japan2



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