PROCESS # COLLABORATIVE ARCHITECTURE & “BAUGRUPPE” :: Neue Hamburger Terrassen by LAN (Paris), Hambourg (GERM.)

Developed with a Baugruppe, this urban and architectural project furnishes the occasion to interpret the Terrasse, a local type of workers’ housing type.

” In 2009, LAN (Paris) unveiled their architectural project for a housing block. is public presentation was organized by IBA to attract interested parties and to then establish Baugruppen, development groups made up of private citizens who wanted to build their residences together, and who held the role of project managers. The outgrowth of his meeting was the formation of a Baugruppe made up of approximately 20 homes, which opted for LAN’s project for 3 housing blocks; the group was then enlarged to 30 homes in 4 blocks. The architectural studies were completed in July 2010, and the construction permit was led in December. ”

LAN, Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg, Germany

Photography Julien Lanoo Published 18/10/2013,

The worksite opened in September of the following year. The four housing blocks were delivered on an ongoing basis between October 2012 and March 2013, just in time for the inauguration of IBA Hamburg 2013 and the IGS (Internationale Gartenschau, an international exposition devoted to landscape architecture), both of which drew many visitors to the site.

“Each housing block has 6-10 residences. The buildings also contain individual storage rooms and a common space that hosts the Baugruppe’s communal activities (general meetings, parties, arts and crafts workshops, etc.), and welcomes visitors.

Within the blocks, the 33 housing units are of two kinds: “row-house” and “multi-level” units. The 13 “multi-level” units occupy 1 or 2 levels, and are 50-90 sqm in size. They each have direct access to either a garden with a terrace, or to a loggia.  The ground floor residences are fully accessible and usable by persons with reduced mobility.

LAN, Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg, Germany4

The 20 row-houses have three floors and a private yard with a terrace facing the street and one facing the courtyard. Their orientation and surface area vary depending on their positioning within the block: east-west or north-south, between 120 and 160 sqm. Workspaces have been integrated into the housing at the residents’ request; there are offices, graphic design studios, therapy rooms, and so forth. Other spatial elements, such as a hopper between the ground and first floors, the positioning of the stairwell, the entry into the kitchen, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms were chosen by the residents.(…)

“IBA Hamburg is more than just an architecture “show.” It strives to be a true laboratory for architectural, urban, social, and political ideas and initiatives that yield new ways of building cities and living in them. A neighborhood in Hamburg was chosen as the intervention site: Wilhelmsburg, where the project is located. The first competition phase was to design a development that would then become a Bebauungsplan (the equivalent of a PLU, or development plan, in France).”




LAN, Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg, Germany2

LAN, Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg, Germany4

LAN, Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg, Germany5


LAN, Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg, Germany3


Neue Hamburger Terrassen 2, Hamburg (DE) by LAN architects2

Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg (DE) by LAN architects

Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg (DE) by LAN architects2

Neue Hamburger Terrassen, Hamburg (DE) by LAN architects7

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