acconci studio Mobile_Linear_City

“A city stored in a truck: six housing units telescoped into one, a semi-trailer hooked up to a tractor. When the truck is parked, a line of housing-units can be pulled out of the trailer. Fold down the legs of the smallest unit, drive the truck forward, fold down the legs of the next unit, etc. The houses are sheathed in corrugated steel, cut into sections that can hinge down inside and out. A gangplank folds down to make a doorway, a ladder folds from the gangplank down to the ground for access. Inside each house, wall panels pivot down to make a table, a bench, a bed, a shelf.” _Photo Acconci Studio

acconci studio camion ville1

photo ::

acconci studio mobile linear city2

 “The Aesthetics of Migration” by

Marcelline Block

“(…) Mobile Linear City(1991) is a blueprint including photographs and installation instructions for a portable city made of corrugated, galvanised steel, comprising six mobile housing units, all transportable by tractor-trailer. By transporting the city itself, rather than its inhabitants, this mobile city subverts the long-held notions of home as rooted firmly to a particular physical location or landscape, exemplifying modernity qua transcendental homelessness, and invoking André Gide’s notion of home as ‘a rolling house, travelling, […] a shelter against a landscape’”

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