Z33 wikihouse1

“WikiHouse is an Open Source construction system. The aim is to make it possible for everyone to share, download, adapt and ‘print’ their own houses which are low-cost, high-performance and suited to their needs, which can be quickly assembled without the need for conventional construction skills. WikiHouse is a way of bringing digital fabrication into the realm of housing. The system radically lowers the barriers of cost, time and skill and gives users the power to create places which are sustainable, sociable and resilient by investing their time and effort in the social economy as well as the monetary economy. In other words, though each step is small, the direction of travel is to gradually democratise the production of housing.
The system is now being applied and tested worldwide, especially in areas affected by natural disasters.

In the context of the exhibition Atelier à Habiter ( 01.12.2013 – 30.03.2014) at Z33 (house for contemporary art in Hasselt), a group of architecture students from Hasselt University designed and built a site-specific WikiHouse module / entrance desk for the exhibition with the support of FabLab Genk. It is the first WikiHouse in Belgium.

WikiHouse, 2011-

construction : photo (c) Architectuur UHasselt

exhibition image: Anne Harild, Dwellings, 2006

Z33 wikihouse2

Z33 wikihouse3

atelier a habiter-typografie-campagnebeeld_0

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