URBAN TREND # CROWDFUNDED PROJECTS :: the Wooden Luchtsingel Footbridge (Rotterdam, the NL)

‘stop whining ; just do it ! In the city of Rotterdam, the connections around Hofplein, Weena and Coolsingel were a nightmare for pedestrians. But the city could not afford. So architects and inhabitants just do it themselves.

luchtsingel-rotterdam photo-04

“The Luchtsingel is a pedestrian footbridge that is being realized by crowdfunding, an exciting new means of funding in which the public donates money via an online platform (essentially investing in an unrealized idea) in order to make a project reality. The Luchtsingel, which uses the slogan “the more you donate, the longer the”, has resonated with the public imagination and surpassed its initial funding goals, becoming an important part of Rotterdam’s urban rejuvenation.”http://www.archdaily.com/346241/luchtsingel-zus-hofbogen-bv/

all citizens who could hold a hammer and a saw were literally asked to roll up their sleeves and put their hands to work – fortunately led by a skilled carpenter, and build the Luchtsingel themselves. Thus comes crowdbuilding after crowdsourcing.


Luchtsingel rotterdam 1

Luchtsingel rotterdam 2


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