A new kind of real estate investment – to help solving the housing crisis in urban areas ? In any case, another way to develop the “build in my backyard” movement (BIMBY)

rent a kub rent garden

The Greenkub company implanted in Montpellier (FR) and the Foncia Group just started a strategic partnership baptized “Rent-A-Kub” proposing a real estate solution all-in-one pack : the installation of a furnished studio of 18m ², solutions of total financing without contribution (see conditions in agency), the renting management and the guarantee of the rents  by the group Foncia. This offer can allow all the owners of detached houses having an available surface (garden, ground, court(yard), etc.) to generate a rental revenue of 400 in 600€ / month according to the concerned region. The installation of the studio requires no building permit. http://fr.foncia.com/nous-connaitre/notre-groupe/espacepresse/communiques-de-presse/greenkub-et-le-groupe-foncia-lancent-rent-a-kub


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