“Harvesting energy from the city to use for other projects is an interesting idea. In 1997, far before we started this blog, designer and artist Michael Rakowitz made a series of beautiful sleeping bags and igloos that parasite on the wasted hot air from buildings. His brilliant project ParaSITES does not only harvest the wasted energy, it also transforms it into something that is immediately useful: a warm and well isolated sleeping place for homeless people or tourists. According to Rakowitz, parasitism is a relationship in which a parasite temporarily or permanently exploits the energy of a host. In his vision a parasitic relationship within architecture can be beneficial to both the host and the parasite.”Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial

from the designer : “Bill S.’s paraSITE shelter. He requested as many windows as possible, because “homeless people don’t have privacy issues, but they do have security issues. We want to see potential attackers, we want to be visible to the public.” Six windows are placed at eye level for when Bill is seated and six smaller windows for when Bill is reclining.”



parasites energy

parasites energy2


from the designer : “Joe H. using his paraSITE shelter in February 2000. Joe is a homeless man who lived on the streets near Battery Park City in Manhattan. In the 1970s, he became a contractor and was responsible for building over fifteen buildings in Brooklyn. He was diagnosed with cancer in the 1980s after being exposed to Agent Orange while serving in the Air Force in Vietnam. After forty-seven different operations to treat the cancer, the Veteran’s Association of America ceased paying his medical bills and he went bankrupt.”

More parasites projects for homeless people ::

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