NOMAD # Pop up museum by Kalhöfer-Korschildgen (KOLN, Germany)

Moving Icon Pop Up Pavilion Communicates History

01 Moving Icon Kalhöfer-Korschildgen

Moving Icon opens up like a curiosity cabinet with interactive elements tracing the historic evolution of architecture. Designed by Cologne-based Kalhöfer-Korschildgen, the mobile information centre is shaped like a pitched-roof house but transforms into an illuminated landmark at night. In its current iteration, this pop-up museum moves around the German region of Westphalia – providing residents a rare insight into local history.

Facts and figures are presented on both analogue and digital displays. Large text-based animations project on Moving Icon’s outer-shell while its back wall features an interactive pin-board. Visitors can share their thoughts or take away printed material. By covering both bases, information is better understood and remains ingrained. With method put to practice, the architects can customize this concept for any location.

Photos Jörg Hempel _ Thanks to Angel Muniz (Facebook)

Moving Icon Kalhöfer-Korschildgen 2

Moving Icon Kalhöfer-Korschildgen 3

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