“The Rugo is the traditional Burundi & Rwandan house. New Rugo is a low-cost houssing project located in Burundi.


The project questions the relations between domestic spaces and culture. We establish a link between the values of pre-colonial (community, adaptability) and modern typology.

We believe that planning has to respond to current needs, but also to be relevant for a wealthier and more developed Africa. That’s why affordable housing for the poorest has to be able to evolve as comfort standards evolve

By merging the two typologies, the two structures, we designed a new one, the new rugo. The new rugo is evolutive, allowing changes as Burundi & Rwandan socities evolved.

The New Rugo is a typlogy, easily replicable, environmentaly aware. With low cost technologies and cultural appropriateness, we developed a system empowering fragile comunities in Burundi and in Rwanda. ” http://cargocollective.com/georgepericles/New-Rugo

02 rugo burundi Print new rugo presentation-04 new rugo presentation-07

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