kids academy kengo kuma 5

“We wanted to build a nursery school close to the ground. The building is wood-structured, single-story, and its exterior wall is covered with trees and plants. The floor is sloped to follow the landscape underneath, so that the structure can be further lowered, nearer to the ground. We wanted the earth to assimilate the architecture, as if they have merged into each other. To fit the size and action of the children, we also designed the building to stand as low as we could.
Inside, there are lots of small niche-like “caves,” in which kids would be able to find a place of their own.”


” Kengo Kuma‘s Kids Academy Taiyogaoka Hoikuen is a single level building that covers a small area. It is built close to the ground and embodies Kuma‘s vision of ‘small architecture’. The building is made from locally sourced wood inside and out, and its natural color, petite size, and on-site trees help it merge with the landscape.

Designed to suit the size and activities of children, the kindergarten is low with plenty of small niche-like “caves” inside. Recessed geometric windows let natural light in, diffusing strong sun rays while illuminating the beautiful wood grain of the interior paneling. Kengo Kuma’s wooden kindergarten a unique learning environment made with respect for both nature and kids.” Read more: Kengo Kuma’s Kids Academy Taiyogaoka Hoikuen is a Beautiful Kindergarten Made from Locally Sourced Wood Kengo Kuma’s wooden kindergarten Kids Academy Taiyogaoka Hoikuen – Gallery Page 1 – Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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