Famous galleries, luxury companies, cultural events ::  the former labor city of Pantin stands out as the city-light of Big Paris. By Claire Lefebvre, in “le nouvel observateur/obsession”, 18.11.2013


In ten years, the number of inhabitants jumped up to 10 %. And the square meter soared of 18,9 % over the last five years, peaking in 5 300 euros near the channel. But the PS mayor, Bertrand Kern, is anxious to reassure those who are afraid of an anarchy boboïsation, with rich on one side and poor people of other one. ” Beyond 5 500 euros the square meter, I preempt. ” With his objective of 40 % of social housing matched by property ownership, the elected representative intends ” to create a city of middle classes near Paris “. Not so easy … :: more with french text :: http://obsession.nouvelobs.com/pop-life/20131115.OBS5673/pantin-nouveau-brooklyn.html?cm_mmc=EMV-_-NO-_-20131118_NLNOACTU08H-_-pantin-nouveau-brooklyn
pantin new brooklyn paris pantin-nouveau-brooklyn.html?cm_mmc=EMV-_-NO-_-20131118_NLNOACTU08H-_-pantin-nouveau-brooklyn
to think :: Brooklyn: The Brand By STEPHEN METCALF MARCH 17, 2013 :: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/17/brooklyn-the-brand/?_r=2

this image :: A model wears a sweatshirt by the Parisian fashion label Brooklyn We Go Hard. Ludovic Zuili-

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