REAL ESTATE CRISIS # NYC :: living in a secondhand RV

As the nation’s most expensive city gets even pricier, some New York residents have found a way to live in tony neighborhoods rent-free — in secondhand RVs.By Andrew Tangel, LAtimes, November 17, 2013

As the most expensive city in the country gets even pricier, Cintron and other New Yorkers are taking drastic steps to survive the most brutal real estate market in the United States. They are ditching sky-high rents and buying secondhand recreational vehicles. (…) By turning to mobile apartments, RV dwellers are something of real estate pioneers in New York. RVs give New Yorkers a way into hip or exclusive neighborhoods they otherwise might not be able to afford. They don’t have to worry about nagging landlords, rent hikes or upstairs neighbors tap-dancing at midnight.

NY real estate home market motorhome

But there are obvious trade-offs. Getting electricity takes some effort. Heating during the winter can get costly. Mail may need to be delivered to relatives’ places or post office boxes. There’s also the issue of how to hook up sewage lines. And RVs may not offer much social cachet. “The ladies aren’t really kicking down the door,” said Rick Hall (…),0,4722114.story#axzz2kzb1zgbz

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