THINK # URBAN TREND # DENSITY :: Live Between Buildings, Ole Robin (DK) and Mateusz Mastalski (PL/DK)

Fill the void :: creating small infill-dwellings between existing buildings

” Mastalski and Storjohann’s concept recently won the annual New Vision of the Loft 2 design award, organised by roof window manufacturer Fakro andA10 new European architecture magazine. The competition asked designers to develop concepts for urban loft spaces that would be functional, space-saving, energy-efficient and full of natural light. All entries had to include Fakro products, as well as others.”, says DEZEEN. _ Images are by Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann.



Diagram – 153 West 35th street, New York, USA

“The jury appreciated the way the basic idea – creating small infill-dwellings between existing buildings – has been worked out in extended research, thus providing models for various housing types in different cities. The plan can be realized entirely out of roof windows (with some technical adjustments) and offers an innovative idea for using empty spaces in the urban fabric. The possibility of shapes is endless. The project was very beautifully drawn and communicated on a single sheet, with sections describing both the architectural idea and the exciting occupation of the proposed building.”, says A10


live between buildings interstice




more diagrams ::

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