SAVE THE BANGA ! back to the Architecture Of The Early 70s

BANGA Project Restores Pop-Up Architecture Of The Early 70s

BANGA-1 project restore pop up city

Originally designed by Carlo Zappa in 1971, the futuristic portable BANGA bungalows get a second life. Restoration architect Pamela Voigt discovered fourteen abandoned BANGAs in an Italian holiday resort. With cracks in the glass-reinforced plastic GRP shells, the structures are in a very bad condition. Voigt has taken up the plan to save the little Italian sister of the famous Finnish Futuro, that were originally produced by Bungalows International SRL in Milan.

Voigt is specialized in building with plastics and so-called composites. Together with structural engineer Elke Genzel she founded the BAKU (Bauen mit Kunststoffen), a collective devoted to restoring, building and designing with special materials. The curved, smooth plastic BANGA shells belong to the post-war architecture and the Pop Art of the 1960/70s and deserve a better life, according to Voigt. “Some of these constructions are still in use and loved. Some are forgotten. Some were destroyed. Now the BANGAs can be saved!”

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