MODULAR PREFAB :: from micro house to residential cluster (more is less), by Chinese architect Liu Lubin

Bypassing the law :: “The modules are designed to fit neatly into shipping containers and can transported to different locations. Their minute size also allows them to bypass current restrictions governing private homes in China. Via dezeen ::


Micro House in Tsinghua

The Micro House is based on the minimum space people need for basic indoor movement, such as sitting, laying and standing. The form of the Micro House is designed to act as a combination of furniture and architecture elements.

The Micro House units can not only be used as single-function rooms, but also can be grouped together as a housing suite, or even residential cluster.

This micro house in Beijing by Chinese architect Liu Lubin comprises three cross-shaped modules that can be flipped around to turn a living room into an office or bathroom. Designed as both architecture and furniture, the modules are constructed to a minimum size with just enough room for sitting, sleeping or preparing food. The cross-shaped profile creates worktops along two edges of the space, while square windows hinge open at either end and double up as entrances.

Studio Liu Lubin used a fibre-reinforced foam composite for the structure of the modules, making them light enough to lift. This allows residents to rotate the rooms if they need to swap simple shelves for a desk or sink.

dezeen_Micro-House 02-in-Tsinghua-by-Studio-Liu-Lubin_61 dezeen_Micro-House 03-in-Tsinghua-by-Studio-Liu-Lubin_60


more pictures ::

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