PREFAB # MATERIAL _ FIBER CEMENT :: Prefab Residence by Acme Architecture (US)

“The original formula of fiber cement consisted of a mix of cement, sand, and asbestos fibers, which tarnished the material’s reputation after the adverse health effects of asbestos came into wider public attention. During the 1980s, asbestos fibers were substituted with cellulose fibers to eliminate health risks, making fiber cement a preferred material for use in prefabricated and sustainable construction.

by James Bartolacci, architizer

Prefab Residence by Acme Architecture, Santa Barbara, California

Prefab Residence by Acme Architecture, Santa Barbara, California

Perhaps the greatest benefit to using fiber cement in new construction is the fact that the material is not susceptible to termites or rot—a quality that protects against higher moisture and humidity levels as the world’s climate continues to warm. Additionally, fiber cement can keep the cost of maintaining a building lower over time, and can be installed during periods of inclement weather. Most often used in the form of siding, fiber cement comes in a range of neutral grey tones, and has been seen on the façades of every kind of building from family home, to condo complex, to government buildings.”

Durable, Low-Maintenance, And Inexpensive: Why Fiber Cement Panels Are All The Rage

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