NO WASTE :: the skate study house furniture

skate study house corbusier lounge chair


“skateboard is design”

from the designers :: “waste is the best” !

It’s been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but who knew dumpster diving could uncover the next innovation in green design. Pierre Andre Senizergues, environmentalist and artisan, along with designer Gil Le Bon De LaPointe, got their hands dirty to create a new home for waste in their latest project “The Waste is The Best”. Keeping with Senizergues’ skateboard flare from his world champion days, but daring into the unknown, together these two skateboarders shed new eco light on green design and waste with three new limited edition pieces from Skate Study House. An organic collection, The Waste is The Best gives homage to waste, made 100% of throwaway materials and is constructed from excess skateboard cutouts of laminated wood.

“Sustainable design has the power to connect people with their natural environment,” said Senizergues. “The Waste is The Best project demonstrates that the resources found around us can be transformed into innovative creations that inhabit our lives and promote awareness that can inspire change to reduce our environmental impact.”

The Waste is The Best brings together Senizergues’ passion for the environment, design and skateboarding into one.
Using non-renewable resources that have a minimum impact on the environment, The Waste is The Best is constructed from leftover skateboard frames. Each piece is handmade and put together with the use of water-based glue and a varnish that carries just 124 grams per liter of VOCs for less pollution into the atmosphere, standard varnishes carry 275 grams per liter.

The first pieces featuring a “Cobble Chair”, “Spine Table” and “Space Shelves” have been showed for the first time summer 2009 in Paris during the Colette eco exhibition called We-CYCLE . Inspired from Senizergues’ creative vision and designed with Gil Le Bon De LaPointe, The Waste is The Best is the next generation of green design and adds an organic twist to the Skate Study House collection.”

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