DIY HOME # LOOKING BACK :: ken isaacs, “building your own home” (1974)

“In the late 1940s KEN ISAACS (design student in Chicago) needed housing for himself and his wife as well as enough space to carry out his work but just barely able to afford a tiny two-room city apartment. He proposed a modular system, based on inch measures, that he offered to the crowds through several design manuals that explained step by step how his designs could be reproduced.


How To Build Your Own Living Structures is an out-of-print manual of utopian architecture from 1974 created by American architectural experimenter KEN ISAACS.

How To Build Your Own Living Structures explains on how to build furniture, small houses and even vehicles using basic tools and materials:”

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Special thanks to ANGEL MUNIZ who shared this great link on Facebook ::

PDF version of the book ‘How To Build Your Own Living Structures’ by Ken Isaacs



fun house blue plan


ken isaac-71





ken isaacs color







More ::

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