new tower concept :: space x space by teema architecten (belgium)



” This Teema Architekten’s project originates from the existing dilemma between the need of the densification of the cities before the shortage of territory in Belgium, and the social preference in this country for having an one-family housing surrounded by a garden.

It is a question of an innovation in typology of residential, shaping a ” vertical neighborhood ” in the city of Antwerp, as result of the overlapping of different levels that combine the advantages of the city and the enjoyment of the space and of the landscape.
In every unit of housing, the residents have a unique house, like chalet of the periphery, but piled up in height in groups of three or four, with landscaped terraces and with conference favoured flying on the left shore of the river Schelde (Linkeroever), offering the panoramic incomparable some of the bay and the docklands of the port.

In addition, these towers will act as a permeable filter to the sights of the environment, without shaping a visual screen that conceals the vision of the landscape from the neighborhood, and will get up on a very narrow base to liberate public soil in the level of the street.”

translated from spanish (as far as i can …), via ::

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