Prefab Modular Living Units by Coodo (Germany)

Architectural firm Coodo has created these contemporary, prefabricated modular units.The units have been designed to allow users to place them in different landscapes, architectural environments and climates.

Mobile and transferable units.

They can also be customized according to one’s specific needs and wishes.

” All of our units were designed with a special consideration to the possibility of placing them in different surroundings (…) The group of our modular units consists of multifunctional pavilion, pergola, summer kitchen, mobile living units and residential building.”

more photos ::

01 Coodoo modular-units-25 02 coodo modular-living-units-by-coodo codoo modular-units-27 Coodo-Modular-Units-Enpundit-1 Coodo-Modular-Units-Enpundit-3 Coodo-Modular-Units-Enpundit-4 Coodo-Modular-Units-Enpundit-5 coodo-modular-units-enpundit-31 coodo-modular-units-enpundit-34

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