the Museon in The Hague (THE NL) asked The Pop-Up City to co-curate a summer exhibition about the city of the future. The result is an exhibition that tells an inspiring story about the major developments and ideas that re-shape cities and life within cities in the coming decades. We’re proud of it.

> end : close on Sunday October 27 / 2013

#cityofthefuture, or ‘#stadvandetoekomst’ in Dutch, aims to be not yet another showcase of futuristic urban speculations. Rather, it deals with current urban trends that are already happening now. The exhibition playfully takes the visitor on a journey through themes like new urban lifestyles, technological street innovations, emerging economic models, and ground-breaking ideas on food production. Bringing The Pop-Up City to actual life, design agency Concern has given the exhibition the look-and-feel of an interactive urban construction site that consists of an inspiration quarter and a DIY quarter. Exhibition visitors will find a real-life ‘Sim City’ to which they can contribute themselves, a fab lab with architecture and 3D printing workshops, a Pop-Up City theater and a functioning aquaponics system that uses fish to cultivate edible plants, amongst many other things.

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The Pop-Up City is a blog that explores the latest designs, trends and ideas that shape the city of the future. We strongly focus on new concepts, strategies and methods for a dynamic and flexible interpretation of contemporary urban life. The Pop-Up City is curated by the creative directors of Amsterdam-based space marketing agency Golfstromen, along with an international team of reporters.

Today’s world cities deal with many problems related to rapidly increasing international societal, cultural, technologic and economic transformation processes. More variableness in economic, political and cultural patterns leads to new expectations and renewals of dynamic capacities of the city. Our aim is to search for creative solutions regarding flexible urbanism and architecture. We are located in downtown Amsterdam. Feel free tocontact us for all your invitations, proposals, questions and tips.

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> in detail

The Museon’s #CITYOFTHEFUTURE summer exhibition is now open. This interactive event is your chance to find out how a city-dweller like you can help find solutions to the major challenges of our day: issues like climate change, scarcity of raw materials, and urbanisation. Come along this summer and take an active part in constructing your own city of the future! The project continues right until 27 October 2013.

Ideas from the Inspiration Zone

Visit the Inspiration Zone to find out about a range of future-oriented issues, like housing, mobility, work and food. The Zone presents examples of new developments and trends, such as mobile housing, driverless cars, and city farming. The issue of food production is illustrated by a working aquaponics system that can be used to raise fish and cultivate edible plants in the home. At weekends and during the summer holidays there will be demonstrations of 3D printing. And visitors can play an interactive game to learn to climate-proof their own homes.

Construct your own building in the Design Studio

Children aged 9 and over can take part in ‘future city’ workshops in the Design Studio. They will spend an hour designing and constructing a building with the help of Museon staff and architects. It might be a house, a sports complex, a factory or a stadium. The idea is not just to exercise the imagination, but also to take account of factors like urban growth, climate change and the need to recycle materials. Each design produced in the workshops will be given a place on a map of the city, so participants will be helping to construct their own city of the future.


#CITYOFTHEFUTURE is a project initiated by the Museon and co-curated by Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer of The Pop-Up City. The exhibition is sponsored by SNS REAAL Fund, the Creative Industries Fund NL, Fund 1818, the VSB Fund, the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and the Association of Friends of the Museon and Omniversum. Ideas and inspiration play a key part in it. In the preparatory phase, six workshops were held with academics, architects and industrial designers, students, and idealistic young entrepreneurs. They explored issues like transport, urban administration, street play, work, housing, and climate change. The visualizations from these workshops are on show in the exhibition.

#CITYOFTHEFUTURE has thematic links to High Tech Romans

The Romans achieved breathtaking feats of technology. Their temples, aqueducts and roads were architectural and engineering masterpieces unequalled for many centuries after their time. High Tech Romans is an exhibition designed for families and young people. It focuses on Roman technological inventions and shows how Ancient Rome drew inspiration from the world about it and from other cultures. The design of the show is partly contemporary in feel and partly inspired by the world of Ancient Rome. The technological know-how of the Romans is illustrated by eleven pavilions housing 32 interactive displays and by glass cases containing exciting and unique archaeological objects.

Global museum

The Museon intends from now on to position itself as a ‘Global Museum’ and to focus its programming more on current issues of worldwide concern. #CITYOFTHEFUTURE is an example of this new approach.

photos :: Gilian Schrofer

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