France # paul chemetov _ about social housing :: bad housing is a machine to break people”

01 paul chemetov 1cbrigitte_lacombe_2011

The architect tells his ideal social housing: livable, not too small, he does not have to spoil the public money.

“Who really cares about (social) housing ?” he asks.

“There is no ideal social housing. There is only livable social housing. Is there a man, an ideal woman? No. Would you like to live with? No”

” I always laugh about these friends architects sorry of what the inhabitants make of their apartment. But they just make their house ! The relationship of an inhabitant with its apartment is not the one of a snail with its shell. Everybody quotes this sentence: ” the man lives poetically “, without thinking of its stakes. All right, but what does that mean ? That means that he transforms it, that he is creative.”

“I think it is unreasonable to make social housing unless 63-65 m2 for a three-room apartment.”

MORE (french text _ 2013, sept. 02)

02 ephad paul chemetov_0930 BA paul chemetov Sterckeman house maison 1972 chemetov large_home_chem_ad1bb

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