THINK // Patrizia Moroso :: Milan is “sitting in the past” (2013)

Milan is “sitting in the past” and Italy is “losing the culture behind production,” according to Patrizia Moroso, head of leading Italian furniture brand Moroso (+ interview).

“There are so many reasons, but we are losing the culture behind production,” she told Dezeen. “I don’t know how many more years we have production for because also companies are dying every day in Italy.”

Moroso made the comments during an interview with Dezeen at thedesignjunction show – part of the London Design Festival in London this week – where the brand has furnished the VIP room.

When asked to compare the design scenes in London and Milan, she said: “Milan unfortunately is sitting in the past and the past is gone. All the most important people of the beautiful past of Milan are very old or dead. I don’t see energy now; the city is like a closed box.”

London, by contrast, is “a sort of belly of the world,” she said. “London is the centre of many kinds of thinking. Many people, young people but also people from all over the world, are attracted because London is open.”

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