PAPER :: shigeru ban paper pavilion for Hermes (2011)

japanese architect shigeru ban has collaborated with french lifestyle brand Hermès to create a paper house pavilion on show at milan design week 2011. located inside Hermès Maison, the structure follows in the architectural style of ban, constructed from paper.

a wooden frame is in place which acts as the support for paper tubes which are placed vertically

to form the walls of the structure. paper is then woven horizontally across through these ‘columns’
to close off the space, offering more privacy.
the house is open on each end, allowing visitors to walk through the structure with ease.
the pavilion stands as an exhibition space for the first contemporary furniture collections designed for Hermès
with pieces by enzo mari, antonio citterio denis montel and eric benqué, along with new home furnishing fabrics.
these furniture objects are arranged withinto create a real domestic space.

shigeru ban hermes paper pavillon 08 shigeru ban hermes paper pavillon 011 shigeruban hermes paper pavillon 02

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