BUILDING PROCESS # DO IT FOR OTHER :: Nakai house by university of Colorado students

FROM DIY to DIO (Do It for Others)


Eight architecture students from the University of Colorado have designed and built a cabin in the Utah desert for a Navajo woman

Under the guidance of tutor Rick Sommerfeld, the students teamed up with charity DesignBuildBLUFF, who regularly work with students to provide housing for some of the 2.4 million Native Americans that live in dilapidated or overcrowded housing on tribal land.

The team were tasked with replacing the home of Lorraine Nakai, an avid collector of books, ornaments and other memorabilia. “When we met her, she had her collections piled and dispersed within her old house. She expressed a strong desire to be able to showcase her eclectic collections in her new home – they were truly a part of who she was,” explains the team.


dezeen_Nakai-House-by-University-of-Colorado-students_6 dezeen_Nakai-House-by-University-of-Colorado-students_sq1 dezeen_Nakai-House2-by-University-of-Colorado-students_ss5 dezeen_Nakai-House3-by-University-of-Colorado-students_sq1 dezeen_Nakai-House5-by-University-of-Colorado-students_4 dezeen_Nakai-House5-by-University-of-Colorado-students_15 dezeen_Nakai-House6-by-University-of-Colorado-students_22_1000 dezeen_Nakai-House7-by-University-of-Colorado-students_17 dezeen_Nakai-House8-by-University-of-Colorado-students_16 dezeen_Nakai-House9-by-University-of-Colorado-students_9 dezeen_Nakai-House10-by-University-of-Colorado-students_5 dezeen_Nakai-House12-by-University-of-Colorado-students_22_1000 dezeen_Nakai-House13-by-University-of-Colorado-students_23_1000 dezeen_Nakai-House14-by-University-of-Colorado-students_24 dezeen_Nakai-House15-by-University-of-Colorado-students_10 dezeen_Nakai-House16-by-University-of-Colorado-students_14 dezeen_Nakai-House16-by-University-of-Colorado-students_17 dezeen_Nakai-House18-by-University-of-Colorado-students_15 Nakai House4 by University of Colorado students nakai-house1-by-university-of-colorado-students.-utah-desert-10-590x300

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