3D “print” ?

Are We Giving 3D Printing A Bad Name?

What if you could build something? I really mean just “you”—no outside expertise needed. Your creation could be almost anything, from the simplest cube to the most complex fractal geometries. The icing on the cake? It’ll take no time at all.

Based on this description, would you call this “printing”? I’m talking about, of course, the process of 3D printing, where an armature crafts a solid object according to a preexisting digital model. The misnomer of “printing” hides the potential for this technique to radically change the world of fabrication by making its machinery ubiquitous and popularly available.

MORE : http://www.architizer.com/blog/are-we-giving-3d-printing-a-bad-name/?utm_source=Architizer+Newsletter&utm_campaign=6e5fedb643-Daily_Newsletter_2008_7_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8035dcda2d-6e5fedb643-3800827653D print vase

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