Container hospital – Sudan (with Italy)

Tamassociati: Salam Medical Compound Khartoum

(Via MAPPING THE DESIGN WORLD – max borka edit. – Facebook)


“Maisons Trouvées”

The discarded containers on the site led to the decision to re-use them while building the international housing compound of this hospital. Peculiar care was dedicated to insulation and energy saving, with the sunrays never hitting the containers. (2010)

tamassociati is a consulting firm offering expertise in the fields of:
urban planning
landscape design
social communications.

design studio tamassociati is a professional practice active in the fields of sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape design, participatory processes, graphic design and social communications. tamassociati is an italian team of architects based in Venice since 1996. It’s known worldwide for health care works carried out in African continent.

It has been awarded in 2012 with the Honorable Mention in the category “Architecture for Emergency” at the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture Prize – Triennale of Milan; following other international awards like “Best of Green Awards” 2010 -USA and “Middle East Architect Awards” 2010 – Dubai. Main recent expositions: 2012 Triennale of Architecture – Milan; plus expositions and lectures at the “International Biennale of Architecture” 2010 and 2012 – Venice.

TAKING CARE is a response towards unlimited growth and exploitation; it is a precise will for architectural design rooted in mutual respect towards human beings and environmental tasks, as architecture concerns both of them. TAKING CARE gives a direction to the many issues of contemporary architecture: art, landscape, economy, technology; and it results in the many works tamassociati is doing for health-care structures, cultural buildings, and public spaces in any context. TAKING CARE becomes a valuable praxis in architect’s work: the consciousness of creating always new meanings and possibilities for people in accordance to spaces.

tamassociati’s experiences relay on similar approach to different kind of project:

tamassociati provides consultants from masterplan design to construction details, offering qualified care to environmental and social issues. On each project we promote participatory planning. Our focus is in finding innovative solutions for architecture of the 21th century. Rethinking the potential of “simplicity” is in our vision to seek a proper way for a correct development of our planet: through the careful use of natural, social and economic resources. Rethinking the potential of “simplicity” is our vision of the future.

More images :
Via MAPPING THE DESIGN WORLD – max borka edit. – Facebook.

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