the MANIFESTO HOUSE, Curacaví, Chile

Infiniski designs and builds eco-friendly houses and buildings based on the use of recycled, reused and non polluting materials and the integration of alternative and renewable energy. The Infiniski projects are designed by James&Mau – Architects and designers, Jaime Gaztelu and Mauricio Galeano, founders and partners of Infiniski. James & Mau offer Innovative and contemporary designs based on bioclimatic and modular architecture. Infiniski is not only green, it is cheaper and faster … it tries to think the values of architecture and construction differently; a contribution to the needs of our changing environment.

more :

Manifesto-House-3 manifesto house chile inside manifesto house chile manifesto house drawning manifesto house drawning3 Manifesto-House-35 manifesto house interiori Manifesto-House-2 manifesto-house-4 Manifesto-House-6 manifesto-house-infiniski-2 manifesto-house-infiniski-6 Prefabricated-Manifesto-House-Using-Pallets-By-James-And-Mau-05 Prefabricated-Manifesto-House-Using-Pallets-By-James-And-Mau-09 the Manifesto House by Infiniski the Manifesto House by Infiniski2 the Manifesto House by Infiniski4 the Manifesto House by Infiniski3

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